Our Club

During the early 90s, a group of students started playing football as a healthy pastime. As time went by, they found that they had enough talent to compete at a higher level and the club was founded as a result. It was decided to name the club as Acme Sports Club and was officially registered under Madurai District Football Association on 20th of July 1996. For the first few years our training base was Anna Park in the township of Thirunagar. Then for the convenience of our players we moved to the playground in Thiruvalluvar Nagar where we have been based ever since. Mr.Alagappan, a pivotal member of the erstwhile Madura Coats football team of the ’70s obliged to be our coach. His guidance and support was the key in the club’s early successes.

The club went on to win its first major league trophy by lifting the Madurai District FA A-Division League in 2001. The club repeated the feat in 2006. By this time the core group of players who started the club in mid 90s were getting older and moving out of the team either due to higher education or employment elsewhere. Though the empty slots were filled in by juniors who came through the junior teams, the club realized that to be competitive and grow to a higher level, it needs a steady stream of young and talented players. This led to the idea of starting an academy and the club went ahead with its plans.

Yagna Srinivasan and Babanasa Srinivasan, the two senior players went about setting up the academy with inputs coming in from the club mentor Mr. Andrew Symington, a former Madura Coats coach, Mr. Alagappan, former coach of Acme and from several ex-players. After a year of groundwork, the academy was formally started in September 2010 with the academy calling students for selection trials in the local papers. Today, the academy supports 75 students across the age group of 10-16. One head coach, three assistant coaches, a grounds man and a kit master complete the coaching team composition. Apart from the regular training sessions, the academy conducts periodic coaching camps during the school term holidays in September, December and May.